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indie games with appreciation

Otome Game

Release Date: Q4 2024

Nintendo Switch
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Otome Game

Our first game that is a dating-sim visual novel with mystery and rhythm gameplay elements, based in solarpunk Japan.

Wholesome Games

At Yindee Games, we believe in creating games that bring joy and positivity. Our games are designed to be wholesome and uplifting, providing a refreshing break from the norm.


Rooted in Asian Culture

Our games are deeply rooted in Asian culture, drawing inspiration from its rich history, diverse traditions, and captivating folklore. We aim to celebrate and share the beauty of Asian culture through our games.


Eco-centric Themes

We are passionate about the environment and believe in promoting eco-centric themes in our games. Our games encourage players to appreciate nature and re-evaluate our relationship with plants, animals, and each other.